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CRI: Various Types of Staffing Services

Comprehensive Resources Inc (CRI) provides HR solutions for various staffing requirements as per project time line and duration. Today’s labor requirements are lean and flexible, where contract system and it’s duration plays a key role in project completion and sustainable ROI. This is where CRI can help you achieve your recruitment goals, short term to long term. CRI’s staffing services and solutions are based on project requirement. They come in four types:

1. Contract Staffing:
This is meant for short term company projects. Ranging from various examples, such as survey teams, content developers, labor work etc. Using existing labor database and online, CRI conducts entry level interviews and extensive background check to verify work experience. This is an important step as many cases of fake experience have propped up in the last many years.

2. Permanent Staffing:
This is the long term deal. This is where professionalism and duty based ethics are paramount requirement for the company that must invest in turning newly added employees into future business managers and leaders. CRI conducts extensive scrutiny of suitable candidates and matches their skill sets with client requirements. Determining the psychological, economic and cultural profile of the candidates will determine whether they will remain in their newly placed jobs or not.

3. Contract-to-Hire Staffing:
Certain projects, envisaged on short term basis tend to be too good that timeline extensions would take place, rendering short-term contracts redundant and contract labor, uncertain of their purpose of work. This is where CRI can help convert short term contracts into permanent employment. Assessments take into account, the client’s evaluation of employee performance and CRI’s candidate details to make informed decisions.

4. Turnkey Placement Staffing:
Specialized projects require specialized personnel. Such projects are called Turnkey Projects. For example, constructing capital machinery, factory setup etc require customized work plans and accordingly, project leaders, managers and others would be required for this task. CRI’s extensive experience of Turnkey placements can help you realize your project goals in a timely, cost-effective manner by searching suitable personnel to whom Turnkey work Contracts would be drawn up.

CRI’s flexible approach is suitable for all kinds of staffing needs and requirements. It can be a game-changer for clients, companies, start-ups and other firms. Small, medium scaled as well as large ones.

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