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Best Staffing Practice to tackle Talent Shortage

Technology is changing rapidly and so is the job profiles! Now there is redesigning of jobs to make working infrastructure leaner, smarter, more effective and collaborative . This requires people with wide spectrum of skills spanning multiple jobs the making it harder to get the required talent. Couple it with decreasing unemployment and we have a shortage of desired manpower at our hand! Top Staffing Services providers are redesigning the job structures to incorporate new and multiple skill sets so needed now and train existing employees to match the new job profiles. This has even made companies hire those candidates which had skills hitherto not considered worth employment. training them for the role.

Widening the geographical search for candidates is being used by many organizations to address the shortfall of right candidates and while some have started focussing more on softer skills like collaborative aptitude, willing to learn, adaptability and multitasking etc.

Outsourcing is the norm today as more and more companies are focussing on their core business areas while letting their peripheral functionalities to be outsourced, that way they stay leaner and focussed.

Effective use of Social Media to reach to a wider audience to draw the best talent and also approach the passive candidates that just might be weighing their options for a switch over. Candidates can efficiently be procured and hired in much shorter time than conventional means of hiring.

Finally, good old school employee referral has acquired greater significance as the employee’s bird thus have the referral support to address the fit and tenure. All top Staffing Services providers have been relying  successfully on it for a long time to prove that it still is golden!

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