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Node.js, React, Couchbase or SQL Bootstrap 4

4+ Years

UI Developer


New Jersey

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Job Description

  • Expert level Node.js and React experience with components, classes and associated technologies
  • Must have experience with Node.js, React, Couchbase or SQL Bootstrap 4
  • Build single-page application in Angular.js
  • Must have experience with Couchbase experience, or extensive SQL experience
  • Expertise on Technology stack : Node.js with Express, Couchbase, Redis, React with Redux, git,yarn and related technologies
  • Good knowledge of popular Node.js and React libraries/components in open source community
  • Advanced CSS3/HTML5 usage and modern features (Flexbox, CSS grids, media queries and CSS custom properties), CSS naming conventions (BEM) and CSS linting
  • Technology stack : ES6, Webpack, React, git, yarn and npm related technologies